Good News!

Amy's team of doctors came by this morning and said the CT showed no obstruction. Yay and praise God its nothing that could put her back in surgery! They say she has a postsurgical ileus, something not that uncommon with abdominal surgery. Basically her bowels are still somewhat asleep from surgery and haven't returned to their normal rhythmic processing of what she swallows.

So, we're back in the hospital for a few days while she slowly eases back into liquids and food. As of this evening, all is going well. Amy has better energy and is comfortable, even getting a little hungry. She did start to write a post about her experience in recovery and the few days we had at home, but it got interrupted as she worsened. I'll let her refine and post it soon.

12 responses to “Good News!”

  1. ali mcnabb says:

    wow guys, we don't know you very well, but you are constantly on our hearts & minds - and we keep asking for healing, comfort, peace, joy. may you really feel His strength under you. love from the McNabbs in China

  2. Cath George says:

    you are all in our prayers. I hope the next few days are easier than the last few. x

  3. The Franklins says:

    We love you guys very much and look forward to the day when we see Amy jogging past our house!
    (Writing this through happy tears)

  4. Angelie Purkey says:

    So glad her symptoms are normal healing going on. Continuing to pray for her recovery process.

  5. Libby McKinley says:

    Good to hear it's nothing too serious. Thinking of and praying for you guys!

  6. Mari Harrower says:

    Good news, indeed!

  7. Becky Kimball says:

    Hurray! What a relief! Thanks for the update, Josh. Give that sweet girl a hug from the Kimballs.

  8. Don and Linda Broesamle says:

    Thank you, Lord, for your mercy and strength.
    We are missing you so much here at the staff retreat.
    Eager to see you again. Prayers from us all.

  9. blessed says:

    Whew! So glad it is nothing more serious--but so sorry you have been in pain, Amy, and am praying everything gets woken up and working back the way it should.

    Isn't the human body AMAZING? What an incredible design. Even more so because of all the things that doctors can do to it, and yet it still keeps on working. May your whole body bring glory to its Creator, Amy! : )

  10. Audrey & Jacob Miller says:

    So, so, so glad that there is no obstruction! Praying for the body to wake up & kick in to action! Hope you all get the opportunity for rest.

  11. Sean McFeely says:

    Missed you guys at staff retreat. It can be a long and challenging process which we learned when my mom had her intestines re-attached. Praying for you all and wishing the best for you during this challenging recovery. My mom is 100% now. Amy, being such a young buck, no doubt will spring back quicker.

  12. Kerry Phibbs says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed as you are constantly on my heart and in my prayers. I walk past your house daily and thank God for his past, present and future provision and healing.

    Love you Bootz's!!

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