Life As We Know It

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday started early with the time and frustration of dealing with the steadily worsening bag that has become routine for Amy over the past few months. Then began the rhythms of checking in to the hospital for surgery at Stanford, that is by no means routine, but feels familiar.

Compared to the last surgery, this one seemed like mear seconds of nervous waiting before Dr. Shelton came out to tell us that everything had gone well and she was in recovery. Yay! We did spend the rest of the day sneaking in one at a time to see her in a very busy recovery room because there were no available beds in the E3 wing. E3 is the same wing and many of the same staff that cared for us the thirteen days in January, so even that seems as much like home as a hospital ever will. All that to say, Amy has progressed according to plan and any expectations and will likely be going home tomorrow. Big hurray and praises!

Amy & Ashlee

Eli, Brenden, Gramma Penny and Carol are making the trek to visit us on Mother's day. It's a perfect gift. The've done well, no doubt spoiled with trips to the pool and plenty of mac and cheese. We miss them desparately, but are overjoyed and grateful to have them doted on by grandmas and precious friends.

Gramma, we need a bigger pool.

Our dear sister Nicole, and bro-in-law Jeremee also sacrificed a fancy Mother's Day to come and visit us at the hospital with their wonderful kiddos, Ashlee and Blake. The whole gang celebrated together on the outside deck of the hospital, Amy-Style, with frozen yogurt enjoyed by all. After 3 crazy boys pumped up on sugar, chased each other around the hospital a bit and got to play with Mom's hospital bed it was time for them to head home.

We'll be right behind them.

Good News!

Amy's team of doctors came by this morning and said the CT showed no obstruction. Yay and praise God its nothing that could put her back in surgery! They say she has a postsurgical ileus, something not that uncommon with abdominal surgery. Basically her bowels are still somewhat asleep from surgery and haven't returned to their normal rhythmic processing of what she swallows.

So, we're back in the hospital for a few days while she slowly eases back into liquids and food. As of this evening, all is going well. Amy has better energy and is comfortable, even getting a little hungry. She did start to write a post about her experience in recovery and the few days we had at home, but it got interrupted as she worsened. I'll let her refine and post it soon.

Please Pray

I know you're wondering how the days have gone since surgery and may have heard rumor we returned home on Thursday. For now all I can say is it has taken every ounce of energy and focus we have to get through the days of recovery.

For now, I need to jump right to the present. We are back at Stanford in the ER. After a day of feeling worse and worse Amy has been throwing up and may have an obstruction in her small intestine or something else causing her system to back up and extreme pain.

Please pray it can be diagnosed and remedied quickly.